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Welcome to the Braun Winery in Edesheim

The Vineyards

Our estate is located on the western outskirts of Edesheim, amid a sea of grape vines on the ‚Southern Wine Route‘ (Südliche Weinstraße) . Wine has been cultivated and grown in the village since 756 AD. For generations our family has been committed to viticulture and now manages a total area of 21 hectares in selected locations. Our exquisite red and white wine grapes are grown locally around the wine villages of Edesheim , Hainfeld , Flemlingen , Roschbach , Knöringen , Rhodt and Ilbesheim. The sunny slopes of the southern Palatinate region have a mild Mediterranean climate, this allows an excellent maturation of our grapes . Thediversity of our vineyards is optimal for the grape varieties to thrive, given thedifferences in soil and micro climate . The interaction of climate, soil and grape varieties produces a high quality grape harvest and the terroir character of our wines.


Healthy and fully ripe grapes are important for the qualitiy of our Riesling.

The Ilbesheimer Kalmit

Our Silvaner ows its distinctive minerality to the limestone of a prehistoric reef.


is important to us. That’s why we’re greening our vineyards like flowering areas.

Ecology: Our wine is a natural product, its full flavour can only unfold and improve in harmony with nature. Through a responsible and careful use of natural resources we maintain an intact ecosystem and safeguard the welfare of our vines and the environment. By using organic methods such as targeted thinning, we promote biodiversity in our vineyards and by continuously upgrading our equipment and machinery we keep up-to-date with new technologies to ensure an efficient and resource-saving management of our acreage. Even in winter the work never stops, a moderate pruning is undertaken and forms the foundation for the quality of our wines. In the summer the yield is again controlled by hand and the grapes are gently freed of overhanging foliage. This is how the maturation process is supported. In autumn just before the harvest a further control is undertaken, to remove unripe fruit. This increases the quality of the grapes. Through this process we can achieve healthy and fresh grapes, which creates the basis of our excellent wines.

In the Wine Cellar

from grape to a finished wine bottle

We do not leave the quality of our wines to chance. We take it, even during the harvest very seriously. Late in the season on select days the fully ripe grapes are picked by variety. The healthy grapes are then processed carefully in our press house. After standing for a short time the white wine grapes are filled into the wine press and squeezed directly. From there the grape juiceruns into the cellar tank. After settling overnight, the now clear juice is then extracted. Gently removing unwanted sediment and bitter tones. The clear juice is then placed directly in connection with pure yeast culturesto ferment. During fermentation the must is constantly monitored and sampled. After the end of fermentation the wine is now almost finished , but extra time is left for self-clarification. Then it is ready for the final step where it is filtered and filled into bottles.

Our products are made in the traditional way from the grape to wine with great care in our family winery. Convince yourself of the quality of our products with a convivial tasting in our lovingly decorated wine bar.


noble spirits and fine brandies from our own distillery

For several decades, first-class fruit brandies have been made in our family-owned distillery. On cold winter days these noble spirits are distilled by the master distiller with a lot of patience and great care. The basis for these spirits is selected local fruits. After the clean fermentation of the mash, which is mixed daily by hand, it is filled and heated in copper stills. This process lasts 1-3 hours and after it is completed the mash is distilled and it must again be refilled. The distillate (70-80% vol.) is then adjusted with water to the respective strength (38-42% vol.) Later it is ice filtered and stored in small stainless steel vats until it is sold.

Winery Braun and Sons

That’s Who We Are

from the 60s…

…to the 90s…

…and our youngest generation 2014

Come over! We invite you cordially to visit us in Edesheim. In the region there are numerous wine festivals, attractions and always something new to discover. In our small wine bar wecan offer you expert advice, sampling of our wines, sparkling wines and spirits. Even groups and societies can be accommodated with an extensive wine tasting, which we are happy to arrange in advance with you by phone or via email.

Address and Contact

How to reach us


Ludwigstrasse 151
D-67483 Edesheim

Phone: 0 63 23/ 40 83
Fax: 0 63 23/ 98 13 55
eMail: info@weingutbraun.com

Opening Hours

Mo.-Sa. : 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sundays: 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

On holidays by appointment only.

In case of a further approach, a telephone appointment is recommended.

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